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A unique opportunity to get up and close to animals and capture unforgettable photos. Unlike visiting your local zoo we get you up close and personal, taking you into the enclosures and limited access areas.

This one day experience takes place at Hoo Farm (near Telford). Throughout the day you will have opportunities to capture photographs up and close of Meerkats, Lemurs, Wolves, Raccoons, Foxes, Serval Cats,...

We start the day with a small introduction to Hoo Farm and our event in a classroom environment. On completion of this, we move on to visit the outdoor enclosures for the various animals where attendees have the opportunity to feed, handle and of course photograph them.

Since February 2020 Hoo Farm introduced wolves to their array of animals. We will get the opportunity to photograph these beautiful animals inside the enclosure followed by a meet & greet.


- Please note that as these are wild animals we cannot guarantee any meet & greets. It will all depend on the animal on the day.

The encounters will run in all weathers. In bad weather, the selection of animals may change.

Hoo Farm and Studio Infinity take no responsibility for any damage to your photographic equipment that may occur on your visit.


10:00 - Welcome and Introduction to Hoo Farm and our event

10:30 - First Animal Encounters (Meerkats, Foxes, Raccoon/ Raccoon Dog)

12:00 - Lunch (Bring your own or you can buy food at Hoo Farm)

13:00 - Second Animal Encounters ( Serval Cats, Lemurs, Porcupines, Wolves)

16:00 - Free time to explore Hoo Farm

17:00 - End of the day


Location: Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom

Date: Sunday 30th August 2020

Time: 10am to 5pm 


* A digital SLR with suitable lenses (Wide angle as well as zoom)

* Fully charged batteries

* Memory Card

* It is advisable to bring suitable clothing and protective footwear ( Closed shoes and long trousers are mandatory) as this is an outdoor event and some of the ground areas are uneven.

COVID-19 precautions :

* Social Distancing must be maintained at all times.

* Hand Sanitiser provided in various locations for the use of guests

* Masks are mandatory in certain parts of the venue. Please bring your own mask or you can buy one at Hoo Farm

* Gloves provided by Hoo Farm must be warn throughout the event

Price: £125

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