The Infinity club is a social hub with a friendly atmosphere where people with an interest in photography can meet, network and socialise twice a month in the comfort of the studio. The Infinity club will be a private group with an annual membership fee of £60 per year but will give many great benefits to its members.

What to expect?

The aim of the Infinity Club is to deliver quality and educational evening ranging from working with top class models/ cosplayers, photographic outings and meetings, Photoshop evenings and our exceptional educational reptile & amphibian events in association with Julian Clare from Wrigglies Leighton Buzzard.

The benefits are as follows:

* Reduced price for Studio Hire ( Members save £5 per hour Studio Hire)

* Infinity Club members will enjoy reduced price for exciting and varied club nights. 

* Infinity club members will also get 10% reduction on any 1-2-1 tutorials, training or  Photoshop workshops.

* Infinity Club members get priority for all events.

* Members will also get 10% reduction on retouching and editing services.

* Members attending 5 consecutive club nights in a row earn 1 free hour of Studio shooting time to a maximum of 3 hours.

We think you will agree that your membership fee will soon repay itself after only a few weeks. Please contact us to enquire about joining the club

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