There is no stronger bond than between humans and animals. The strongest bond of which is the bond between a person and their dog. I love to explore and capture the beauty of this emotional connection with dogs through the medium of Dog Portraiture.

The first step of my process is to get to know my subject. Getting on the ground and getting a sense of who they are gives them comfort around me.Capturing the real character of a dog is my mission.

My purpose with these portraits is to use my experience and craft to immortalize the essence of these dogs and capture the deep unspoken one of kind bond we share.

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We have designed four unique packages for you to consider. Besides offering you beautiful images of your dog that you will treasure forever, we also offer you the highest quality in wall art for your home.

We believe in supporting local businesses so we have teamed up with Stephen Alan's Jewellery and can also offer you a truly beautiful necklace in the shape of a silouhette of your dog. This unique necklace in sterling silver is exquisitely handcrafted by goldsmith, Dean. 

Please note that upgrades for the necklace and wall art are available. To discuss your options, please drop us a message. We're here to help.

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