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Welcome to our blog! Today I wanted to talk about our Santa Paws event.

Last weekend we had our first ever Santa Paws event and we had an absolute blast! We had 10 furry friends visiting Santa and joining the Christmas spirit.  There were treats for all the lovely pets ( kindly organised by Oscar Foods ) handed out by the man himself.

I don't think anyone will disagree when I say that 2020 has been anything other than a bad year. Not just for us humans but also for our furry friends. It was lovely to see all the dogs really enjoying their visit and the fuss they were getting from Santa. We managed to grab some lovely pictures that the owners will cherish forever.

If you want to join our Santa Paws event . . . There's still time. We only have a few slots left for this weekend so you will have to be quick. You can book your slot HERE.

A special shout out goes to Tracey from Leighton Buzzard loving Pets for helping me throughout the sessions. Her help and skills have been very much appreciated. 

We will be back next week with a new blog post and a follow up on our 2nd Santa Paws event where we will be welcoming over 20 dogs! How exciting!!! 

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